Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan Flood

2 August 2010, Pakistan Flood happened. It led the great losses of Pakistan, crop, properties, and of course their people.

Right now, disease come. Survived Pakistan's flood killed by the disease. Health problems are being faced by the survivor of Pakistan Flood.

Water anywhere, but they can't drink even a single drop.

Flood is the past, disease is happening now, what comes next?
Is the future will be better than this or worse?
I do hope that the good comes rather than the bad.
Things ain't gonna happen what you want.
December is on its way coming.
And guess what, December is coming along with Winter.
More people will die.

Is this indicate the end of the world?
No one knows.
Is this gonna end up like The Day After Tomorrow?
God knows.
(Hands of God)

What can we do is pray and help.
Pray for the dead, so that they can have a happy 'life' in Heaven.
Help those who in need regardless their races, religious, colours and sex, because we are all the same.

Long live the world,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My 18...

September 2010, is coming. Soon, 18 is gonna leave me and 19 is coming (maybe, on the way seeking for me)...
Time pass so fast. But it can be so slow. It depends your mood.
Time pass so fast as you are enjoying life, your wonderful life

like the way you taste a cup of coffee (relax, relax and relax)
I do enjoy observing people by sitting inside a cafe, a cup of coffee in my hand. The best part is do this during the rainy day.

Some time you may feel that it pass so slow. And it makes you crazy. It needs a hundred years to pass just a minute.

When you have negative emotion, you wish the time pass as fast as lightning. So that the good things will come fast. Unfortunately, things don't happen what you wish.

Still have few months to spend with my 18 before it goes. I want something good happen before i turn 19. Alright, just one, i'm still happy with it.
What if my 18 came back to me as what happen to Zac Elfon in 17 Again?
I swear that party no no no...i think travelling is the best among this few. Go somewhere else to gain my knowlegdes, life experiences, etc...or maybe join an international group to help someone in least benefit the world.

What I've done in the pass few months was being a nerd. I do really hope that I have an amazing uni life. The truth is I've done nothing crazy. I created a new formular to describe my uni life: school+study-fun+exam+test+assignment+day dreaming-act crazy-party=nerd

Nowadays, nerd can be so...ermm...rock, punky and so on...even a new

Ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome Mr. Lu
Lu Guang Zhong, a singer from Taiwan.
He is so cute...what a talented be honest, i quite love this guy...not just his songs but his talent and also his style. ( so special, I bet you dare not dress this and sing on the stage...)

Being special not a good thing but not a bad thing too. If you wanna be the 'special' one, Be The Best !!!

So, what's the best???
ermm...I can't tell you how and what...but I can show you the examples...Lu Guang Zhong is one of the examples...of course Lady Gaga is on the her
OMG...she is so COOL !

Still have 4 more months to spend with my 18...I can't say it didn't bring me some bad memories...but i'll appreciate it...
That's no perfection in this world.
True perfection has to be imperfect.

Being a nerd can be the perfection of life, lol