Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bacha Bazi

I read a news from BBC News Online about the Bacha Bazi, is a practice with those young boys put on ladies' dress and dance for the men in Afghanistan. The literally means 'playing with boys'.

This practice recognized as sexual slavery and child prostitution in which prepubescent children are sold to wealthy or powerful men for entertainment and sexual activities. (Adapted from Wikipedia)
Those wealthy or powerful men show their richness by showing off their dancing boys. Sometimes these wealthy or powerful men gather with their dancing boys, put ladies' dress and dancing bells on their boys. After that, the dancing boys dance for 2 to 3 hours to entertain the men.

According to BBC News Online, some may bring to hotel after the performance. Local authorities are being asked to stop this practice but they ignore it.
As you all know, there are a lot of working children in Afghanistan. They polish shoes, bags, they gather plastic bottle to resale. They do anything to earn money.

The dancing boys are picked out at young age from the street. Those wealthy or powerful men offer their dance boys money or foods.
"I started dancing at wedding parties when I was 10, when my father died. We were hungry, I had no choice. Sometimes we go to bed on empty stomachs. When I dance at parties I earn about $2 or some pilau rice," a dancing boy says.

A reporter asks a dancing boy what happens when people take him to hotels. He bows his head and pauses for a long time before answering. The dancing boy says he is paid about $2 for the night. Sometimes he is gang raped.

If you think that you are the unfortunate one, please think about them.
If you think that you are the richest one, please donate some money to the them.
If you are one of the wealthy or powerful men, please stop the practice, give them money and foods without asking anything like entertaining you all by dancing and something immoral.

Hope the Independent Human Rights Commission
can do something to the dancing boys.

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