Monday, August 30, 2010

Pakistan Flood

2 August 2010, Pakistan Flood happened. It led the great losses of Pakistan, crop, properties, and of course their people.

Right now, disease come. Survived Pakistan's flood killed by the disease. Health problems are being faced by the survivor of Pakistan Flood.

Water anywhere, but they can't drink even a single drop.

Flood is the past, disease is happening now, what comes next?
Is the future will be better than this or worse?
I do hope that the good comes rather than the bad.
Things ain't gonna happen what you want.
December is on its way coming.
And guess what, December is coming along with Winter.
More people will die.

Is this indicate the end of the world?
No one knows.
Is this gonna end up like The Day After Tomorrow?
God knows.
(Hands of God)

What can we do is pray and help.
Pray for the dead, so that they can have a happy 'life' in Heaven.
Help those who in need regardless their races, religious, colours and sex, because we are all the same.

Long live the world,

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