Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Christmas...

I Love Christmas !
But, this year I gotta celebrate it with my beloved laptop.
Well, it might sound a bit lonely but I quite enjoy it.
Watching movies instead of counting down with my friends.

To be honest, lonely Christmas is not that awful.
Watching movies one followed by another, not bad.
But, I really can't forget last year's Christmas in Singapore.

22 December 2009, I started my journey with my friends.
 Be a tour guider and brought my friends here and there.
Count down in Orchard Road.
And, that's only one word can describe is GREAT.

What I really love is celebrate it with the one you really love.
It's not necessary to be your lover but your family.
Having Barbecue with family, listening Christmas songs,
 exchange Christmas presents, or maybe have some games...
Although it's not a huge party but it's warm enough.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Letter To Daddy


I'm so sorry to you, but I love you.
I'm sorry because I'm being rude to you.
But I didn't mean it.
I know you do not like the way I speak, the way I respond to you.
I'm so sorry.
I also wanna change the way I treat you.
Unfortunately, I can't.
Because I have no courage to do so.
I hope you do understand me.
I promise that I'll take good care of you,
No matter how old you are,
How clumsy you are.
I'll right beside you and be the one who help you out.
I would send someone to accompany you if I'm not around.

( I wish I can have a good relationship with my dad.. Just like Simba and Mufasa.)

I wanna make lots of money and let you and your girlfriend go for vocations.
And I'm the one who foot all the bills of yours.
Buy you a brand new car.
Be a cool daddy and of course a cool boyfriend.
And you can buy lots of things without looking at the prices.

(Old Dogs, funny and touched. It's hard to be a daddy.)

At last, I'm here to beg you for forgiving me not being a good daughter.
And, I do love you.
Because you are my daddy.
Ever and forever.

Sorry, Dad.