Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Everyone does have a dream, or maybe more than one.
And there is no exception for me.

1. Buy a BMW for my dad and send my younger brother to oversea for further studies.
I don't know why it must be a BMW. Perhaps I love Mercedes Benz more than BMW. Or BMW looks cooler than Mercedes BenZ. Whatever, I just wanna buy him a BMW because I'm sick of my dad's car. I want my dad be a cool daddy. Haha...

Well for my brother, he is not good at studies but he loves to draw cartoons. So, I wanna send him to either US or Japan and study anything which related to animation. He may have a good future. I hope so.

2. Be a shopaholic
This, this, this, this and this. Okay. I want everything except this five. Oh ya, every colour each and send it to my house. OMG, I can't wait for that day. By the way, what can cure a shopaholic?

3. Do something which can benefit the world
Donate money to someone in need. Join some world's organizations and volunteer to go somewhere else like Africa. I know I can't do what Mother Teresa did but I'll try to do something to help those unfortunate people. I wish everyone can have things to eat, places to sleep. And kids can be educated. The kids have no choices to choose to be born in which kind of families but they can change their future if they are educated. Wish the world is peace.

4. My dream cafe
I wanna own a cafe with a fountain in my garden. And there are many roses around the fountain. I love roses. I'll decorate my cafe as a 18th century's building. Although it just a cafe, a big wine celler full of variety of wines will be needed in my cafe. A small form of orchestra will be waiting for you during the special occasion. Sounds good, right? Haha... I swear it will be the best place for you to relax.


 CAFÉ NEW YORK, Budapest

5. Travel
This is my biggest dream. I wanna go to every place of this world every corner of the countries. And know more people from difference countries, races and religious. Other than that, I also would like to know their cultures. It is the best thing ever. I feel I'm just like a little boy who curious what it would be inside a treasure box.

looking into the world

At last, I wanna share a video.
It's a commercial.
I Love The World The World Is Just Awesome

Go and find your dreams,

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  1. you know what...i admire a friend, you are a good daughter and a nice sister..just express it out ..maybe by motion?^^