Saturday, April 9, 2011


What a busy life in uni.
Lots of things are waiting me to be done.
Assignments, presentation and FINAL EXAM.
Luckily, I able to manage it.
Right now, it's time to be prepared for the WAR!

Well, I've a great time with all my group mates.
I would like to thank them for the cooperation.
Without you guys, I wouldn't finish all the assignment.
Without you guys, I believe that I couldn't perform well for my presentation.
Good jobs, guys!

During the presentation weeks, everybody is busy for their presentation.
Prepare this, prepare that just to show the best.
And, there is no exception for me.
Working hard for my assessments.
I planned not to back hometown in that particular weeks.
And guess what, my lovely mama came back.

I couldn't rush back to my hometown for seeing my mama.
Although the campus is located in the same state with my hometown,
I couldn't make it before she went back to KL.
I thought she would stay in KL for a couple of months.
But, I was wrong.
She has to get back to Singapore before my semester break.
I was totally mental breakdown.
Have to prepare for my presentation, wanna rush back to hometown.
Which one I should choose?

I make a call to my dad and wish him can fetch me home.
At last, I planned not to back home.
When my family called me.
I cried like a baby girl.
I really really wanna back home.
But, no choice.
Gotta prepared for my sketch.

From that moments, I know the importance of family.
Family, gives you strength.
Family, gives you hope.
Family, gives you support.
Family, gives you love.
I didn't mean that friends are not as good as family.
But, sometime what your family gives you,
Your friends might not give you.

And, I Love My Family.

Love ya,

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