Friday, September 10, 2010

Boy or Girl, Man or Woman, Male or Female...

Can you accept a boy to be a girl, or the other way round?
Can you be accepted to be a girl although you are a boy?
Can you be accepted to be a boy although you are a girl?
Can the TRANSGENDER be accepted into the society?
All human being are born free and equal.
We do have the rights of protection, education, medication and also have the right to be happy.
If the transgender feel more comfortable to be the opposite sex and their decisions do not affect or disturb others' freedom, then why we can't just let them be?
People may think that most of the transgender involve those activities which are immoral like prostitution...
I can't say that this is the only reason why people look down the transgender.
But this is the main factor why the transgender are being treated badly.

In fact, not all the transgender are involve to the prostitution.
they may be a teacher, lecturer.
As an educator, their educate us.

They can be a singer, an actor or actress.
As an entertainer, their entertain us.

The transgender also can be very successful in their life.
They can work like a normal person or better than us.
They do give some benefits to this world like others.
The only difference is their sex.
So, why we can't just accept them as a part of us, part of the society?

Jamison Green
(Writer and Educator)
Yes, he is a transgender. He used to be a girl.
But, right now he is a man.
He also is a leader in the transgender rights movement.


Another transman.
Balian Buschbaum was a German pole vaulter.
(OMG...He is so handsome)

Harisu, a Korean singer.
She is a transwoman and she is married.
People, please, please don't discriminate them, torture them, but treat then like the normal one.
We should help each other regardless their sex, colours, religions, et cetera...
But with your heart.
Share your love with everyone.

Don't be self-centered.
This world is not just about you.


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