Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I Did When I Was A Kid...

I was chit chating with my friend who just sat beside me during the lecture.
" Yik Mun, yesterday I wanted to write something on my blog, but I didn't know what to write," I said.After a few minutes, that stupid fellow threw me a topic, " write something which had happend in your childhood."

(Little Marilyn...lol)
1. Michael Jackson

When I was 6, I asked my dad a stupid question.
"Daddy, is Michael Jackson a girl?"
"Nope, he is a boy."
"Then why he looks like a girl?"
My dad paused for a sec and looked at me and said " You are a girl but why you look like a boy?"
"..." I was totally speechless.

2. Middle of the road

I was curious why the adults always say the same things to me like, kids have to cross the road with an adult, don't stand at the middle of the road, it's dangerous to do that...bla bla bla...and  I was sick of those 'advise'.
For me, the dotted white line is the safest of the road.
So, I decided to have a try.
That day I was going to go to kindergarden and my dad's car parked at the opposite of my house. So, I had to cross the road. I ran to the middle of the road and squatted at the dotted white line when my dad was busy locking the door. I squatted at there for a few seconds almost a minute with a frightened heart. phew...lucky me!

3. Coffee

When I was about 6 or 7, I drank coffee. Ya, coffee not milk.
One day, my brother told me " hey, coffee is not good to kid."
" It can make you stupid."
" Really???"
" Okay, this is my last cup of coffee."
Since that, I kept the coffee away from me for about 10 years. Because of my brother. Stupid me.
Right now I have started to drink MY COFFEE, like Arabica and I wanna try the Civet coffee.

Well, I do really did a lot of stupid things in my life but lazy to share. So, that's it.
Oh ya, Happy Moon Cake Festival.
This year I'm gonna celebrate it without a moon cake, poor me...sigh...

( Here is the gift special for you. Thanks for reading my blog.)

Mid Autumn Festival hooray,


  1. hahahahahha..what a interesting childhood ! not bad ..you still drink coffee?your bro say will stupid..lol..its hard to believe that you are actually drinking coffee when you were six..omg!u r extreme child! wootz~

  2. ya i've started drinking coffee...bt there was a period i kept it away b'coz my bro said:" coffee is no good to kid.' not for TEEN !