Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm sure all the parents wish their children can be doctors, lawyers or the successful person.
So do my father.
Unfortunately, I'm not the one who always listen to him.
I confess that I like my way.
And, I bet you do so.

I found out that not only my father, but also my friends' parents.
Yes, we might not get a flying colour but we able to 'survive' in uni.
At least we are not terminated !

What I'm trying to say is don't underestimate your kids.
If they don't like study, then you can look into them and find out what they like.

As a parent, you should support your children.
If you found out that your kid like drawing, then why not sent them to a drawing centre.
They may have a good future if they able to master it.

I understand the purpose of parents.
What they want it just wish their kids have the ability of earning 'big' money.
Kids get flying colours, get into universities, be a doctor or lawyer.
Comparison is good, it makes us move forward.
However, comparisons are odious if there are too over.

Sometimes I feel sad when I heard my friends are being forced to study this or that.
The parents don't ever care about the willingness of their children.

Parents might said,"Is not good to be a hairdresser. You can't find your future by styling hair, bla bla bla..."
How do you know your child can't be succeed just by styling hair?
Don't just pretend you know all the things just because you are older enough.
Never be so sure that a hairdresser can't have a successful future.

Well, what I wrote is for all the parents not my dad only.
I'm lucky that my dad doesn't force me.
(Are you sure?)
Okay, once.
Alright, twice.
(Are you lying?)
Yes, I am.

Yes, my dad did force me.
But, I always hold my stand firm.
(only things related to my future)
I'm sure my dad is a good dad.
At least he didn't keep on forcing me when I really make my stand.
He did respect me and my decisions.

No Underestimation,


  1.! u do have some skill in ,thinking? lol

  2. wat do u act mean?...n thx 4 yr 'like' lol