Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Gift From God...

I always believe that the God would give you something after taking things from you.
And it happened to me.

My mother died when I was 9.
The God took her away from me.
But God gave me a mother, My God Mother.
My god mother and her family are my precious.
I swear to God that I would take good care of them.
No Matter What !

(My god mother and her husband-my god father)

(Look, how active they were. They were making silly faces to make their grandchild laugh)

What I wanna say is, the God really treats me well.
Ya, I did feel sad when my mom passed away.
But, I can never cry her back.
Everyone have to die.
And, you have no choice to say 'NO'.
Why not we take this as nature and live well?
So, I will treat them as my family as well.

Here are some pictures when I was a baby child.
And, I would like to share it - Days with my god mother and her family.

(This picture was taken during the Chinese New Year. My god mom, the family and me-the one with red Chinese clothes)

(Yeah, I was getting ang pao from my god mother)

God Father :" Nah, here's your ang pao. Be good ah. Quickly keep your ang pao, later people will jealous while blog-walking..."
(Ang pao from god father...look, he was so happy when he gave me ang pao)

( My 1st seems like I loved hard-boiled eggs so much)

(Me again, with Drum Stick! Yummy~)

( Youngest son of my god mother)

(Haha...drum stick on my hand even though I had to cut my cake)

It's time to show off my Mom~

(I love this photo so much. Don't know why~)

(Coolest Mom Ever !!!)

Mummy, I always love you. Muakxxx, XOXO~

Thanks GOD,

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