Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year 2011 !!!

Happy New Year?
Ya, I know it's a bit late to say that.
Perhaps I should change it to Happy Belated New Year.

Well, this year I went to KL for celebration.
Of course, this is not the main purpose I went to KL.
I went there with my uni friends after the last paper for this sem.
We planned to shop all the day.
There is NO WAY for us not to shop during the YEAR END SALES.
Right now I'm totally broke.

( What a sad thing )

That is only one word can describe the celebration, COOL.
Of course that's not for the place where we celebrated but the person who I met.
I've never dreamt that I would have a chance to meet that guy.
The fact is...I Met Him.
He is a friend of my uni friend's friend.
(Can you get it?)
And, thanks god her friends brought that guy to meet us.
I wish I still have the chance to meet that guy.
Not to flirt him but to make a friend.
I would never ever flirt him.
That's for sure.
I just wanna have some friends like him.

And, here are some photos taken by my friends.
Enjoy it.

( a 15 mins fireworks from AMBANK)

(Please don't ask me what building is this if you have no idea about it because I'm same with you)

I would like to thanks my friend's friend be our tour guide, brought us there.
Thank you and a Happy New Year.

Happy 2011,


  1. Aunt??? ya, i'm older than u but not tat old til u hv called me aunt...n happy belated new year